MAKENI ARTISTES UNION 2 YEARS SPEECH BY PREZO G.BLAQ – 16 October 2021 to 16 October 2023


Colleague musicians, entertainers and music loving fans, I bring you greetings from the great
Makeni Artistes Union. Today the 16th day of October 2023 marks two (2) years since I was
inaugurated as the President of our beloved union. The journey has been an incredible and
exceptional experience for me. Despite the emotional rollercoaster we’ve been on, being the
President of Makeni Artistes Union has been and will always be one of the greatest honors of my
In the past two years, my astute and relentless Executive, Advisers and Elders made the job very
easy for me. When I reflect on the love, support, respect, and loyalty my colleague musicians
have accorded me, I realize that the family you choose is always the real deal, and no matter
what happens we should always value friendship.
When I was elected in August 2021, I pledged to serve the union and the entertainment industry
selflessly. Due to my result-oriented nature and unwavering commitment to reaching my
objectives, it has consistently been the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning
and last thought before bed at night.
Also, the amazing work of my predecessor has been a vital source of my motivation and at the
same time learning from his mistakes has kept me going and helps me set the bar higher for
future references.
At this juncture, I would like to take this opportunity to briefly highlight some of the
accomplishments we have made as an executive in my two (2) years of leadership:

i. We succeeded in opening a functional bank account at the Sierra Leone Commercial
Bank where all registrations fees, monthly dues and other income are deposited thereby
enforcing proper management and effective use of union funds. In order to instill
accountability and transparency, my government gives comprehensive financial
statement after every union activity, entertains questions and views from union members
and clarifies them calmly.
ii. In order to create professional recognition, inclusion and ensuring that the union operates
legally within the city, my government has registered the union with line ministries and
councils thereby making the activities of the union legal and placing the union in a better
position to attract potential project(s).
iii. My leadership for the first time succeeded to sign a Memorandum of Understanding
(M.o.U) between the Makeni Artistes Union and security stakeholders (the Sierra Leone
Police (SLP), the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF), and the Office of the
National Security (ONS)) which gives the Union the power to regulate and track every
entertainment activity that has a direct or indirect bearing with musicians/artistes within
the district. This minimizes if not eradicating the problem of rivalry, bullying, and
violence amongst entertainers within the industry.
iv. Over the past two years, we are proud to say that we have succeeded to review and adopt
our union constitution that had become obsolete.
v. I am the first entertainment President in Sierra Leone to provide an official website
( for its union and maintain other social media networks.
vi. It is also safe to say that my leadership became the first to share over sixty million old
Leones (Le 60,000,000) among union members from activities undertaken by the union
during the past two years.
vii. My government has created a data base system where all musicians can enter their full
details for future references in terms of elections, visitation etc.
viii. We are also privileged to create and maintain a radio entertainment program called
“Makeni Artistes Union Hour” at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC)
Makeni for the first time.
ix. My leadership has also succeeded to provide the union with a sustainable office space. In
fact, I want you all to note that the union can occupy the space until 2025 as we have
made all necessary payment.
x. For the first time in Makeni entertainment, we conducted a capacity building and
leadership training for my executive and other senior union members.
xi. My leadership has also supported union members to offer Diploma Courses in Computer
Software and Hardware packages.
xii. Through the support of my leadership we have got so many successful shows.

Moreover, union members are treated equally, older members and legends are greatly respected
and recognized, and emerging stars are mentored and helped in realizing their aspirations and
potentials. This sense of unity and peace has been obvious throughout my leadership.
Also, the welfare of union members was met in a timely manner, as a leader, I feel fulfilled when
I have a positive beneficial impact on my members just as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said,
The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be
compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well
Let me swiftly draw your attention to our recently reviewed adopted constitution, which
mandates that I serve out the remaining year of my tenure. Of course, I will also like to urge
everyone to become acquainted with the reviewed constitution, which sets forth the rules for the
union’s conduct.
Additionally, I would want to firmly declare that the criteria and guidelines of our beloved
constitution would be adhered to. I would like to mention a few important articles, sections, and
subsections from the constitution that will be helpful during elections for the sake of clarity and
making sure that everyone has a level playing field.

Article 3 Section I Subsection ii states that: “A member can only be a full member
when he or she pays his/her registration fees and monthly dues.

Article 3 Section I Subsection iv states that: “one tends to lose his/her membership
from the union when that individual fails to pay his/her dues for a consecutive period of 6
months without valid excuse/reason (s).

Article 8 Section I Subsection vii states that: “members can only be eligible to vote
after fulfilling their financial commitment with the union (that is monthly contribution
paid at least 2 years per term). And finally,

Article 9 Section II Subsection x states that: “all voters must produce a valid Makeni
Artistes Union Identification Card with a name matched on the voter register to the
electoral commissioner for proper identification before allowed to vote.

Hence, I humbly encourage members to show loyalty and commitment to our darling union by
meeting our financial commitments, take their ID Cards, honoring the dictates of the constitution
and remain respectful at all times especially to leaders. Remember, Hussein Nishah once said,
“Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked
to. Respect is earned, not given”
Reminiscing what I have achieved as a President in just two years, I can proudly say that I am
one of the greatest leaders Makeni Artistes Union has ever produced and I will always work hard
to ensure our hard-earned achievement continues. I’ve had the chance to work with, develop, and
mentor other colleagues to ensure a proper capacity building of union members as promised in
my Unification Manifesto.
Also, I will continue to usher in new breeds with a lot of energy to build on the platforms and
legacies we have established as a union, that’s why I am also working tirelessly to ensure that the
new school wing of the union is being mentored and given the necessary support to maintain
My executive will publish a comprehensive list of all legal members who meet the requirements
outlined in the constitution in January 2024, along with information about each member’s
financial situation.
It is clear that the holiday season is drawing near, so it is best that we continue to stay together
and keep our attention on our different planned entertainment activities. This is the busiest time
of the year for us entertainers and it will be great for us if we work as one and support ourselves
to be successful in all our undertakings.
I want to inform you all that my term as President for the Makeni Artistes Union has been
extended, and therefore, I will continue to serve the union in line with the constitution for
another year during which period I will ensure that I continue to give the union the best energy it
deserves and also put the necessary structures in place for a smooth and successful elections in

2024 As a leader, I am conscious that I still have a lot to do to continue placing the union in the
best position.
Finally, I’ll leave you with the words of J.K. Rowling and he said: “We are only as strong as
we are united, as weak as we are divided.”
Although our union has numerous faces, we always
move with the same goal, and unity has been the foundation of all of my successes over the
Thank you for your time!!!
Samuel Yusuf Tarawally – Governor Blaq
President: Makeni Artistes Union

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